For general information, or to speak with an employee of the Municipal Water District of Orange County, please call our main telephone number (714) 963-3058 or visit our office at 18700 Ward Street, Fountain Valley CA 92708. You can also reach us via mail at P.O. Box 20895, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.*Please note that MWDOC is a wholesale water provider and we do not serve residential or business customers directly. To change or start a new water service, please contact your retail water provider directly. Click here for a listing of retail water providers in Orange County.To reach a specific MWDOC staff member directly, please use the following direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses. (Please note that this only a partial listing of MWDOC staff members. Additional staff members can be reached by calling the main telephone number.)

Rob Hunter
General Manager
(714) 593-5026

Karl Seckel
Assistant General Manager
(714) 593-5024

Pat Meszaros
Sr. Executive Assistant to the General Manager
(714) 593-5025

Cathy Harris
Administrative Services Manager
(714) 593-5007

Katie Davanaugh
Executive Assistant/Human Resources Specialist
(714) 593-5005

Maribeth Goldsby
Sr. Executive Assistant to the Board Secretary
(714) 593-5006

Harvey De La Torre
Principal Water Resources Planner
(714) 593-5027

Kevin Hostert
Associate Water Resources Analyst
(714) 593-5034

Joe Berg
Water Use Efficiency Director
(714) 593-5008

Beth Fahl
Water Use Efficiency Program Coordinator
(714) 593-5015

Tiffany Baca
Public Affairs Supervisor
(714) 593-5013

Kelly Hubbard
WEROC Programs Manager
(714) 593-5010

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