Ticket Distribution Policy

Form 802 Ticket Disclosure

In December 2008, the Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) amended its regulations pertaining to disbursement of tickets to and from a public agency, which are used by individual public officials.  New regulations apply to tickets for admission to entertainment, recreational, amusement, and similar types of events.  Unless specific circumstances exist, such tickets constitute a gift to a public official subject to the annual gift limitation of $420 from any one source in a calendar year, as set forth in FPPC regulations.  However, if the tickets fit within certain descriptive uses (such as District business use), then such tickets do not constitute a gift to the public official.

The new Regulation requires agencies to prepare reports disclosing the distribution of tickets and also requires agencies to adopt a written policy for distributing tickets to public officials.  A written policy must state the specific governmental or public purpose of the agency to be accomplished by the distribution of the ticket to an agency official.  The written policy must be posted prominently and continuously on the agency’s website.

Ticket Distibution Policy

Form 802 6-1-09

Form 802 9-10-13

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