Compensation Summary – Fiscal Year 2014 – 15


The purpose of the following information is to provide an overview of the compensation received by MWDOC’s Board of Directors. This document is updated annually, or as policy changes are made.

Board of Directors Compensation Items

  • Meeting Compensation:
    • Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC/The District): Each Board member receives $256.55 per meeting‐day. There is a maximum of one compensated meeting per day. The maximum number of meeting‐days for which a Board member may receive compensation shall not exceed ten in any calendar  month. The types of meetings that are pre‐authorized include MWD Board and Committee meetings, MWDOC member agency Board and Committee meetings, and meetings  with legislators. Board members’ attendance at conferences, conventions, workshops, seminars, etc., outside the MWD service area requires prior authorization of the Board.
    • Metropolitan  Water  District  of  Southern  California  (MWD):  Each  Board member  receives $256.55 per meeting‐day they attend on behalf of MWD, not to exceed a  total of 10 meetings per month.
    • For Board members who are both MWDOC and MWD Directors, the meeting‐day limits are additive and can reach up to twenty meeting‐days per month.
  • Retirement Plan: MWDOC and MWD Board members are eligible to participate in a 401(a) plan paid by the  Board members in lieu of FICA at a rate of 7.5%. MWDOC Board members are also eligible to participate in the districts deferred compensation retirement plan. All Board members are not eligible to participate in the CalPERS retirement benefit which is provided to District  employees.
  • Medicare: The District pays for Board members’ Medicare expenses at a rate of 1.45%.
  • SDI: The District pays for Board members’ SDI expenses at a rate of 0.90%.
  • Health Insurance: MWDOC Board members are eligible to participate in the health and welfare  benefits provided by MWDOC. The District pays 80‐100% of the costs for the MWDOC Board members’ medical and dental insurance, depending on the plan and whether the plan is for the individual or a family  plan. One hundred percent of the cost of vision insurance is paid for by the  District.* Four of MWDOC’s seven Board members do not participate in the District’s medical insurance plan.  Two Board members voluntarily reimburse the District for 100% of the costs of the dental and vision insurance plans. One of the Board members participates in dental and vision only and another only participates in vision insurance.
  • Travel and Transportation: When necessary during the course of a Board member’s official duties, travel and transportation costs are funded by the District. Travel and attendance at conferences and seminars by Board members requires prior approval by the Board.
    • Mileage: Board members use their own vehicles and are reimbursed for mileage driven when on official District business at the current rate permitted by the IRS. (Board members are not eligible to receive an Automobile Allowance.)
    • Parking and Tolls: Transportation and associated costs are eligible for reimbursement. Eligible expenses may include, parking fees, toll road fees, and other reasonable transportation‐related expenses.
  • Office Equipment/Services: Board members are eligible to receive office equipment, such as computers, tablets, printers, and fax machines that are used for official District business only.  Expenses for home office supplies and services – such as computer ink/toner and internet/fax machine (telephone) service – that are used to conduct District business may also be reimbursed.
  • Loans: The District offers interest‐free loans for personal computers that are used to conduct official District business. The maximum loan amount is $2,000.
  • Life Insurance: Board members do not receive any life insurance benefits.
  • Vacation/Holiday/Sick Leave: Board members do not receive any compensation for vacation time, holiday pay, or sick leave.

The following table summarizes the annual compensation received by the MWDOC and MWD Board members during Fiscal Year 2014‐15 (July 1, 2014 ‐ June 30, 2015). The table also includes the total number of meetings attended, not all of which are eligible for compensation.

Board Members

Total Mtg‘s Attended

Meeting Compensation


Total Compensation

Brett R. Barbre 135 $29,931 $17,737 $47,667
Sat Tamaribuchi 73 $14,037 $1,240 $15,277
Larry D. Dick 120 $26,913 $17,546 $44,459
Joan C. Finnegan 94 $23,346 $1,835 $25,181
Susan Hinman 146 $25,740 $1,647 $27,387
Wayne Osborne 97 $23,920 $2,731 $26,651
Jeffery M. Thomas 93 $21,770 $21,561 $43,331

Board Members
Linda Ackerman 119 $26,828 n/a $26,828
Brett R. Barbre 126 $30,053 n/a $30,053
Larry D. Dick 112 $25,288 n/a $25,288
Larry McKenney 105 $22,479 n/a $22,479

* The benefits for MWD Board members began July 1, 2015


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